Virtual Receptionist – Call & Web Chat Answer

Capture Your Opportunities & Win More Business

Never Miss a Potential Client Again

With our Virtual Receptionists, you get an all-inclusive package where both Call and Webchat Answer are included in the same price and setup. You can also choose if you want to use both, or just one of our services.

Why Does Your Business Need Call Answer?

  • The majority of callers hang up immediately when reaching an answering machine, making it vital that all your incoming calls are answered by a real person.

  • Even if your business has only occasional calls coming through, every single missed call could lead to the loss of significant business.

  • For some callers, to be given the impression you have your own receptionist can be important, as it can give you a more professional look, boosting their confidence in your business.

Friendly and Reliable support calls

How Does It Work?


Set up is simple and free, and there is no obligation to stay with us, you can cancel at any time.

We operate a seamless service where all of your calls come through to you as normal, if you are unavailable for any reason, then we will answer the calls in your Company’s Name acting as your own receptionist, ensuring that you never miss a potential customer again.
With every caller, we will endeavour to take the details of the caller and a message. We will email or text details to you.

Admin Hotline will also provide you with a dedicated geographical telephone number that not only helps ensure your business keeps a professional look, but also helps you separate work calls from personal calls.
Our service will support you at important times; whether you are in a meeting, up a ladder, with a client, already on the phone or just need some space to complete some crucial paperwork.

Web Chat Answer

Making that first impression on your site is crucial.

Chat software enables you to engage with potential customers who come to your website. However, without live engagement, you won’t get the most out of your site’s visitors.

Without admin hotline
With Admin Hotline

Connect With Your Customers

Give a voice to your website and provide real support by talking to customers over our Website Live Support Software.

How Does It Work?

Just like our Call Answering Service, if you are unavailable, we will answer web chat messages in Your Company Name and sound exactly like your own receptionist. We will then take a message for you and send it over to you by either email or text message (whichever you prefer).

Virtual Office

Our solution is easy to implement on any website and if needed, we can help you do this. You will be able to monitor chats with an app you can install on your phone and receive any live chat logs automatically to your email after every engagement.

Easy Virtual Assistant

Easy to use

You don’t need any additional hardware or software to start using our service and it’s quick and easy to set you up.

VoIP technology

Admin HOTLINE utilises VoIP technology from Techs 4 Tech, which means as you expand your business, they can provide you with a VoIP setup such as additional phone lines, numbers and call recording, whilst we carry on providing your virtual reception call answer service.

Your Flexible Solution

In addition to both Call and Web Chat Virtual Receptionists, Admin Hotline offers flexibility where you can choose between one of two different set ups which can be changed any month.

Operating times are 9am – 5pm; Mon-Sat £9.99 including a local inbound phone number and 10 calls a month with 85p per additional call.

Flexible Setup
You choose which calls you want us to answer. Whether you are too busy, or simply don’t want to answer a call, we will answer it for you.
We will take a message and pass that on to you via email
Calls outside operating hours will go to an answerphone and then be sent to your email address.
Total Answer Setup
Admin Hotline Answers all of your calls.
We will take a message if you are not available or transfer your call if you are available
Calls outside operating hours will go to an answerphone and then be sent to your email address.
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