Virtual Assistant

Supporting You With Day To Day Admin Tasks

We can provide your business with admin support for day-to-day tasks or with one-offs to help you keep things running smoothly.

Admin Support

We know that as a small business owner, you are faced with an abundance of tasks to overcome on a daily basis. These tasks may not always be complex or time consuming, but sometimes, on occasion, the significant number of tasks on your “to do list” can become overwhelming.

That’s why we believe there is no task too small, and provide reliable, trustworthy and cost-effective support for a wide range of tasks such as email management, document production, and call handling.

Below are our standard Virtual Assistant rates; with many of our ongoing clients, we discuss requirements, their budgets (for some tasks below might be too low, for some it could be too high) and then agree what we do and the cost.

For pricing that relates to our virtual receptionist solutions, please visit our Virtual Receptionist page.

HOURS 0 to 3

in a calendar month

£20 / hr


in a calendar month

£16 / hr

Example: if you used 5 Hours in one calendar month, the hourly pricing is worked out at (3 hours x £20) plus (2 hours x £16); all plus VAT.

As we provide a range of different services to suit the needs of your business; we are able to provide bespoke estimates and quotes tailored to your requirements. As a guide, please see the pricing structure above. For call and web chat answering services, please see the specific price list on our Virtual Receptionist Page. If you are interested in experiencing our services, all you need to do is pick up the phone for a chat, and one of our dedicated team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. You can start off with a small job if you would prefer, just to get a feel of how we do things. We also sometimes have promotions or introductory rates available, so don’t forget to ask about those to.
  • Our experienced UK based staff are always willing to help provide you with the best possible solution. Prices exclude VAT.
Our hourly rates have a very simple structure, the more work we do for you, the lower your rate, so it’s a win-win all around and everyone gets great value for money!

Great value

We strive to provide a solution which gives all our clients great value for money and to help give their business an advantage by working with us.


No job is too small or too big. We have a commitment to provide a great ongoing resource.
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