Your Professional Number

Choose Any Standard UK Dialling Area

Your Business Needs A Professional Business Phone Number
Dedicated Business Phone Number

A dedicated geographic number for your area, as well as being more professional, will help you to separate calls meant for business and work.

A professional look

Small business owners sometimes rely on a mobile number for all incoming calls. Having a dedicated line means you don’t have to share your mobile number with all your contacts. Plus, it gives a further impression of professionalism.

Admin HOTLINE will provide you with a dedicated phone number for your business, simply choose any standard UK dialling area, and advertise this number for your business, calls will automatically transfer to your mobile.

Easy to use

You don’t need any additional hardware or software to start using our service and it’s quick and easy to set you up. Flexibility is built in, for example, you can live in Birmingham and give everyone a London area code number for your business.

VoIP technology

Admin HOTLINE utilises VoIP technology from Techs 4 Tech, which means as you expand your business, they can provide you with a VoIP setup such as additional phone lines, numbers and call recording, whilst we carry on providing your virtual reception call answer service. 

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