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Have a quick look through the FAQ below, hopefully, they’ll provide the answer you need, if not, then please submit a question and we’ll get back to you ASAP. If we think it’ll help other people, we’ll add a generic version into our FAQ bank.

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Is your Call Handling service right for me?

Our service is for any size business, spanning 1-100+ employees, so yes, our Call Handling service is right for you! SMALLER BUSINESS: The reasons why small businesses and sole traders prefer to have their calls answered is because they do not want to lose out on important sales calls as they are busy working in the business. Statistics show that not many people leave messages when they are looking for quotes or advice – they just try elsewhere until somebody picks up the phone – they may not get a definitive answer to their query straight away or a quote, but what they have done is engaged and that is all it takes to secure business later. Also, individuals like accountants, plumbers and electricians like our services because it gives the impression they are a larger business then they are. LARGER BUSINESS: Larger businesses benefit from our services because we provide a consistent approach across their whole organisation and their team can better spend their time working rather than filtering calls all day. They receive messages almost immediately and they can decide which calls deserve their attention. We have Virtual Receptionist and Call Overflow handling services too if there is a requirement. Once we are integrated, we work seamlessly with existing reception staff to ensure all calls are handled smoothly and correctly and that any calls or messages are put through to the correct person or department.

Is there a Budgeted version I can use?

Of course! We are not here to make it harder for you to make money, we want you to succeed and we will support you throughout. As your business grows, we will grow with you. We can arrange a set budget every month and you can control it on a monthly basis – no admin charges, no notice required (although we do ask for a couple of days to upgrade/downgrade your account). You will have your calls answered calls in your business name. Depending on your setup, callers can either be put through to you after they have been identified or we can take a detailed message and send to you by email or text message, whatever your preference. Remember, we have a 2 week Free Trial. What’s not to like?

Do you work evenings and weekends?

Our standard service is standard business hours 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday to Saturday as this fits in with over 95% of requests from our clients. However, we do have a limited availability for 24 hours a day (rates are also different for this service, please contact us for your requirements).

How quickly can you set this up?

Do you have a minute for our answer? Well, that’s all we need! As soon as you agree to join us, we will call you to discuss your requirements and to take all the information that we need to handle your calls correctly. We will provide a new geographic number for you to use! Now it is your choice, if you are just having a taster, do not advertise your number, if you are looking for a long term commitment, you can advertise our provided number wherever you like. If one day, you decide you no longer want our service. How could you? We do have an option for your to keep that number as part of a cost effective VOIP telephony solution. It’s as easy as that!

I am an international business, can you help me?

Yes is the short answer, for the longer one, please continue to read. If you or your business live or operate abroad, you can advertise a UK telephone number and we will handle all incoming calls and forward messages to you by email or text message.

Can you supply any UK number?

Yes, whether you want a London regional number, a Newcastle one or even a an international number (for an extra cost) like Vienna in Austria, we can provide them. Isn’t technology just great?

Can you forward my calls?

Yes, that is one option. We can set your service up by having callers put through to your mobile or DDI number. Your PA will provide the name of the caller and give you the option to take the call. If you do not answer or tell your PA you do not wish to take the call, your PA will take a message and forward that message to you by either email or text message. Just like a PA
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