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  • Give your business a dedicated number to create a professional look.

  • Call Answer ensures you never miss another important call.

  • No setup and works alongside your current setup.

Your Business Needs a Dedicated Business Phone Number

A dedicated number means being able to separate calls meant for business and work.

A professional look

Small business owners sometimes rely on a mobile number for all incoming calls. Having a dedicated line means you don’t have to share your mobile number with all your contacts. Plus, it gives a further impression of professionalism.

Admin HOTLINE will provide you with a dedicated phone number for your business, simply choose any standard UK dialing area, and advertise this number for your business, calls will automatically transfer to your mobile.

Easy to use

Flexibility is built in, for example, you can live in Birmingham and give everyone a London area code number for your business.
You don’t need any additional hardware or software to start using our service and it’s quick and easy to set you up.

VoIP technology

As we utilise VoIP technology, as you expand your business, your dedicated number can go with you, we can provide extensions and other facilities such as voice recording. Don’t sign up for an old line that has you stuck at one place; we don’t tie you to a fixed location. If you move, your number comes too, without any hassle or additional costs, you can easily forward a call to your mobile, home or other numbers; just as you’d forward e-mail from one account to another.

Call answer to ensure you never miss another call

  • The majority of callers hang up immediately when reaching an answering machine, making it vital that all your incoming calls are answered by a real person.

  • Even if your business has only occasional calls coming through, a single missed call means the caller could end up talking to another business leading to a potential loss of significant business.

  • For some callers, to be given the impression you have your own receptionist can be important, as it can boost their confidence when using suppliers who only have a small number of employees.

How Does It Work?

We will answer the calls in your Company’s Name sounding just like your own company receptionist.

We can transfer the caller to you, either on your landline or mobile. If you are unavailable or don’t want to be disturbed, we can take a message and send it to your preferred email address.

You can utilise our service to reduce interruptions at important times for you; whether you are in a meeting, up a ladder, with a client, already on the phone or just need some space to complete some crucial paperwork; in addition, we can provide call screening so that nuisance calls can be dealt with, for everyone else, calls are transferred as normal.

Additional Support

When you are busy or don’t want to take the call, our receptionist will take your messages, if your plan runs out in the month, it just goes to your answerphone.

All phone messages are sent to you by email, texts are an optional 12p per message.

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